International Review of Environmental and Resource Economics > Vol 6 > Issue 1

Perspectives on Ecosystem Based Management for Delivering Ecosystem Services with an Example from an Eighteen-Species Marine Model

  • David Finnoff 1
  • Min Gong 2
  • John Tschirhart 3

[1]David Finnoff, University of Wyoming, USA, [2]Min Gong, Columbia University, USA, [3]John Tschirhart, University of Wyoming, USA,


Q57, Q22, Q30, Q38

Ecosystem based management, Ecosystem services, Vector autoregression, Ecosystem externality, Biodiversity

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Table of contents

1 Roots of EBM
2 Ecology and Economics
3 A Procedure for EBM using VAR
4 Optimal EBM
5 Conclusion
Appendix — Deriving VAR from GEEM Data

International Review of Environmental and Resource Economics

(Vol 6, Issue 1, 2012, pp 79-118)

DOI: 10.1561/101.00000048


"(Ecologists) recommendations, when problems arise, tend to favor the preservation of nature, or to favor management programs that optimize only the biological side of the problem. It is not surprising that man, in self-interest, has usually chosen instead the recommendations of the economist or engineer, who is trained to optimize the human side of the problem." (Smith, 1968, p. 11)