International Review of Environmental and Resource Economics

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International Review of Environmental and Resource Economics

Print ISSN: 1931-1465
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Henk Folmer
University of Groningen, The Netherlands
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Jason Shogren
University of Wyoming, USA
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Volume 6, issue 4

Dynamic Models of International Environmental Agreements: A Differential Game Approach

This article provides a survey of dynamic models of international environmental agreements (IEAs). The focus is on environmental problems that are caused by a stock pollutant as are the cases of the acid rain and climate change. For this reason, the survey only reviews the literature that utilizes d...
Volume 6, issue 4

The Economics of Eco-Labeling: Theory and Empirical Implications

Over the past several years, environmental economists have been increasingly attracted to the use of information as an alternative to traditional methods for regulating externalities. An example of this approach is "eco-labeling," where a third party certifies firms' products; this approach is parti...
Volume 6, issue 3

The Environmental Kuznets Curve: A Survey of the Theoretical Literature

This paper reviews and summarizes most of the literature on the environmental Kuznets curve (EKC), focusing mainly on disentangling and clarifying the key concepts underlying the two classes of existing theoretical explanations for the EKC occurrence — those driven by technology and those driven by
Volume 6, issue 3

Competitiveness and Leakage Concerns and Border Carbon Adjustments

This paper provides a review of the literature on competitiveness and leakage concerns associated with differentiated climate abatement commitments among countries. The literature reviewed is not exhausted, but it is sufficient to provide a balanced view of both academics and policy circles. Section...
Volume 6, issue 2

Voluntary Environmental Agreements: Lessons on Effectiveness, Efficiency and Spillover Potential

Voluntary agreements (VAs) have been widely used in environmental policymaking over the past 20 years. This paper reviews relevant theoretical and empirical literature on VAs, assessing their performance in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. Effectiveness is evaluated on three criteria: (i) effe...
Volume 6, issue 2

Imperfect Environmental Policy and Polluting Emissions: The Green Paradox and Beyond

Well-intended policies aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions may have unintended undesirable consequences. Recently, a large literature has emerged showing that such a 'green paradox' may occur in response to particular policies. We review this literature and identify four different imperfect p...
Volume 6, issue 1

Tradable Permits versus Tradable Credits: A Survey and Analysis

This article compares tradable permits with tradable credits, two distinct economic instruments of environmental policy. It is demonstrated that under credit trading, which is an addition to (relative) emission standards, residual emissions are free of cost. Under permit trading (cap-and-trade), res...
Volume 6, issue 1

Perspectives on Ecosystem Based Management for Delivering Ecosystem Services with an Example from an Eighteen-Species Marine Model

"(Ecologists) recommendations, when problems arise, tend to favor the preservation of nature, or to favor management programs that optimize only the biological side of the problem. It is not surprising that man, in self-interest, has usually chosen instead the recommendations of the economist or eng...