Foundations and Trends
Research Journals

Research Journals

Critical Finance Review
Publishes leading academic research in all areas of financial economics. For more information, please consult the Editor's CFR Page.
The Data Envelopment Analysis Journal
The official journal of the iDEAs, publishes theoretical and applied research advancing the use of Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) as a methodology for improving organizational performance.

International Review of Environmental and Resource Economics
Publishes state-of-the-art review articles by top specialists in their fields who have made substantial contributions to the area that they are surveying.
Journal of Law, Finance and Accounting
Offers an outlet for high quality empirical and theoretical scholarly work at the intersection of law, finance, and accounting.

Journal of Marketing Behavior
Publishes scientific articles that describe and explain human behavior in the marketplace, focusing on both consumers and managers.
Strategic Behavior and the Environment
Provides a platform for various disciplines that jointly contribute to our understanding of strategic behavior in design and implementation of environmental policy.

Review of Behavioral Economics
Seeks to extend and develop the study of behavioral economics.
Quarterly Journal of Political Science
Publishes the highest quality manuscripts in positive political science and contemporary political economy.

The Journal of Web Science
An inherently interdisciplinary journals that intergrates the diverse facets of web science.