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Systems Entrepreneurship: My 50-Year Journey at UCLA

Lee G. Cooper, UCLA Anderson School of Management, USA,>
Published: 31 Oct 2018
© 2018 L. G. Cooper
ISBN: 978-1-68083-484-0
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Table of contents:
1. Intellectual History
2. Socio-Tech Systems and Arts Management
3. My Academic Agenda
4. The Hike ‘N Camp Fest
5. Project Action
6. Strategic Data Corp
7. Venture Development Project
8. The MBA Classroom
9. Life as Peripheral Faculty
10. Litigation support
11. Epilogues to Midlife Startup
12. Life Goes On
13. UCLA Center for Action Research
14. Answers, and the Questions They Imply
15. My 75th year and 50th at UCLA

Systems Entrepreneurship: My 50-Year Journey at UCLA

"Progress comes from bottom-up projects ... Work gets done by broad coalitions of sometimes small organizations that are specialized around their core competencies. Coalitions morph over the project life-cycle as needs change in a changing world. The entrepreneurs that lead their organizations in these coalitions need to manage across organizational boundaries and to understand the broader networks and systems in which they operate. These are systems entrepreneurs. To steer each firm in a coalition you need to enable communications-management, project-management, and knowledge-management systems across organizational boundaries. You must be able to learn over projects." - Lee G. Cooper

Systems Entrepreneurship is based on the author’s experience as a technology entrepreneur as well as from 50 years on a business-school faculty. The entrepreneurial framework presented here is robust and driven by a desire to find an organized and scalable model for students and researchers to work with partners in fostering innovation to advance sustainable solutions to a myriad of current challenges including mitigating climate risks, building the new-energy future, addressing the crisis in the American workforce, redressing social and environmental injustice, and enabling large-scale systems change. This robust framework, based on his training and teaching experience in systems entrepreneurship and product management, fosters coalition building in firms. Cooper’s experience in business and marketing makes his views and advice on current problems authoritative and worth sharing. This book contains both the author’s personal journey as well as valuable lessons for anyone studying or working in the field of business and entrepreneurship.