Global Sourcing of Services

By Shailendra C Jain Palvia, Long Island University, USA, | Prashant Palvia, University of North Carolina, Greensborough, USA,

Publication Date: 16 Nov 2016

Suggested Citation: Shailendra C Jain Palvia, Prashant Palvia (2016), "Global Sourcing of Services", Boston-Delft: now publishers

Global Sourcing of Services

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There are three stages to outsourcing: The first occurred at the dawn of industrial era in the 19th century, where mass production for consumption by many, became the norm and simple domestic means could not meet such demands. With the cost of labor soaring in developed countries, manufacturing of products started moving to countries like China to take advantage of labor arbitrage in the 1900s. This is the second stage of outsourcing.

This book addresses issues and challenges in the third stage of outsourcing whose focus is on movement of services at electronic speed, utilizing the Internet platform.

The book includes short essay questions, multiple choice questions, mini-cases at the end of most chapters and glossary of terms. It can also serve as a good reference book for practitioners.

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