4. Privacy Awareness, Risk Assessment, and Control Measures in IoT Platforms: BRAIN-IoT Approach

By Mohammad Rifat Ahmmad Rashid | Davide Conzon | Xu Tao | Enrico Ferrera

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Published: 30 Jun 2020

© 2020 Mohammad Rifat Ahmmad Rashid | Davide Conzon | Xu Tao | Enrico Ferrera


With the increasing adaptation of IoT platforms in decentralized cloud environments, more focus has been given towards facilitating the privacy awareness building upon goals set by current European Union (EU) GDPR regulations. Therefore, it is necessary to empower the end users (both private and corporate) of IoT platforms with the capability of deciding which combination of self-hosted or cloud-oriented IoT systems is most suitable to handle the personal data they generate and own as well as with the ability to change the existing (or preset) configurations at any time. BRAIN-IoT platform focuses on complex scenarios where actuation and control are cooperatively supported by populations of IoT systems. The breakthrough targeted by BRAIN-IoT is to provide solutions to embed privacy awareness and privacy control features in IoT solutions. In this work, the authors explore the following key areas: (a) privacy awareness in IoT systems using GDPR regulations and BRAIN-IoT platform, and (b) propose a conceptual framework for PIA using privacy principles presented in GDPR regulations.