12. Security and Privacy in Digital Twins

By G. Sargsyan, CGI

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Published: 15 Mar 2022

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Digital Twins term is one of the important topics in the digitalization world which is becoming increasingly important in different areas of industries. There are many debates which explore the growing importance of digital twins, including, possibility that they will take the control over humans, or the difficulties to interact with digital twins, the end-users of it, their impact on society and sustainability and making this world a better place, and last but not least, security and privacy aspects in Digital Twins. This chapter will explore the security and privacy in Digital Twins based on the author’s – G. Sargsyan’s presentation given during the event “Digital Twin a Promising Thing?” on Oct 29, 2020 in Amsterdam, which was broadcasted globally and organized and hosted by Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences in collaboration with the Digital Society School [1]. In this event the author shared her views on digital twins for different industries, risks, privacy, security and ethical considerations introducing practical examples, which is introduced in this chapter. Recommendations how to manage risks, security and privacy concerns are also offered and demonstrated in this chapter.