9. Cyber-Trust Evaluation Process

By V.-G. Bilali, Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS) | A. Kardara, Centre of Security Studies (KEMEA) | D. Kavallieros, University of the Peloponnese | G. Kokkinis, Centre of Security Studies (KEMEA)

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Published: 15 Mar 2022

© 2022 V.-G. Bilali | A. Kardara | D. Kavallieros | G. Kokkinis


The Internet of Things (IoT) environment is constantly changing, shaped by both technical and social needs. The rapid IoT advancements and therefore the increase in the number of the interconnected data between services and infrastructure that potentially may pose threat into cyberspace, was the commencement of the Cyber-Trust project conceptualization [1]. Cyber-Trust conducts extensive research excellence in areas where IoT is widely applied. The structure of the project has been relied among others to taking into consideration stakeholders needs, so that the results that the project will produce are realistic based on final user needs.