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Valuing special forest products harvesting:

C.Meghan Starbuck, Susan J. Alexander, Robert P. Berrens, , Alok K. Bohara
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C.Meghan Starbuck, Susan J. Alexander, Robert P. Berrens and Alok K. Bohara (2004), "Valuing special forest products harvesting:", Journal of Forest Economics: Vol. 10: No. 1, pp 37-53.

Publication Date: 28 May 2004
© 0 2004 C.Meghan Starbuck, Susan J. Alexander, Robert P. Berrens, Alok K. Bohara
JEL Codes:Q260
Special forest productsStructural equationsRecreation demandTravel cost method


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Currently, the empirical literature on outdoor recreation demand lacks estimates of the benefits of special forest products harvesting. This paper provides a recreation demand analysis of non-commercial huckleberry and mushroom picking on the Gifford Pinchot National Forest in southwestern Washington State (USA). Using available survey data and a two-step structural equations model of harvesting and travel cost recreation demand, with a Murphy–Topel (J. Bus. Econ. Stat. 3 (1985) 88) standard error correction, we estimate the consumer surplus associated with special forest products harvesting. Per recreation visitor day consumer surplus is estimated at $30.82 in 1996 dollars ($36.06 in 2003 dollars). Estimated values for the full range of non-timber values are becoming increasingly important as public lands management agencies expand their focus to include consideration of alternative forest uses.