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A simple simulation model for the forest sector

Sören Wibe,
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Sören Wibe (2005), "A simple simulation model for the forest sector", Journal of Forest Economics: Vol. 11: No. 1, pp 45-52.

Publication Date: 01 Jun 2005
© 0 2005 Sören Wibe
JEL Codes:Q230C150C680
Forest sector modelDemand and supply model


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The model 
Applying the model 
An illustrating example 


This paper deals with the construction and use of a simple linear supply and demand model. The main advantages of using such a model is firstly that everything is formulated and understood in the fundamental concepts of economic theory, and secondly that the model is easy to use in simulating various scenarios. It is not an alternative to larger and more sophisticated models, but can sometimes be a useful complement. It is formulated so that it can give simple and robust answers what will happen to production, consumption and trade if demand and supply change. It is easy to use regardless of the number of regions involved.