Journal of Forest Economics > Vol 12 > Issue 1

A note on benefits and costs of adjusting forestry to meet recreational demands

Göran Bostedt, , Leif Mattsson
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Göran Bostedt and Leif Mattsson (2006), "A note on benefits and costs of adjusting forestry to meet recreational demands", Journal of Forest Economics: Vol. 12: No. 1, pp 75-81.

Publication Date: 14 Mar 2006
© 0 2006 Göran Bostedt, Leif Mattsson
JEL Codes:Q230
Benefit/cost analysisContingent valuationForest managementRecreation valuesSilvicultural systems


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In this article:
Underlying studies 
Benefit/cost analysis and results 
Conclusions and final remarks 


Economic studies concerning environmental functions of forests are often partial in the sense that they focus on either benefits or costs. In other words, benefit/cost analyses indicating whether it is economically motivated to change forestry to make it compatible with environmental demands are relatively rare. This benefit/cost analysis deals with the forest as recreation environment, where benefit estimates from a study conducted in the county of Västerbotten, Sweden, are compared with cost estimates from another study in the same county. It is shown that adjustments of forest management to meet recreational demands do largely affect both benefits and costs, and that the results are sensitive to how soon the effects on the recreation environment occur after the adjustments of forest management.