Journal of Forest Economics > Vol 29 > Issue 2

Customer value creation in B2B relationships: Sawn timber value chain perspective

Marika Makkonen, , Henna Sundqvist-Andberg
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Marika Makkonen and Henna Sundqvist-Andberg (2017), "Customer value creation in B2B relationships: Sawn timber value chain perspective", Journal of Forest Economics: Vol. 29: No. 2, pp 94-106.

Publication Date: 0/12/2017
© 0 2017 Marika Makkonen, Henna Sundqvist-Andberg
JEL Codes:L73M21D22
Customer orientationSawmill industryWood products industryValue creationCustomer value


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In this article:
Theoretical background 
Findings: customer orientation and value creation in sawmills’ value chain 
Discussion and conclusions 
Limitations and future research needs 


The ability to facilitate superior customer value creation is critical for firms’ long-term success. The topic has been studied extensively in marketing literature, but less consideration has been given to customer orientation and customer value creation in the forestry context. Through 18 qualitative interviews with suppliers and customers in the Finnish sawn timber value chain, sawmills’ customer orientation was analyzed. We find that the concept of customer orientation was realized rather narrowly at sawmills and customer orientation appeared as random actions instead of a systematic part of firms’ organization culture. Customers’ needs are more manifold and extend beyond product characteristics and process efficiency. The main challenge hindering the renewal of product-oriented business models toward service logic and customer orientation seems to be in attitudes and traditions.