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Policy Perspective on the Role of Forest Sector Modeling

Sara Bushey Ohrel, US Environmental Protection Agency, USA,
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Sara Bushey Ohrel (2019), "Policy Perspective on the Role of Forest Sector Modeling", Journal of Forest Economics: Vol. 34: No. 3-4, pp 187-204.

Publication Date: 13 Nov 2019
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Policy Perspective on the Role of Forest Sector Modeling 


This special issue is an important contribution to the literature as the papers therein reflect advancements in forest sector modeling tools that give decisionmakers informed acuity about what kinds of policy frameworks and incentives might be most effective in achieving policy goals. Also, it also allows for the opportunity model developers and decisionmakers alike to further understand and compare different modeling approaches and relevant outcomes, which advances the important role that forest resource tools play in science-based decision making. The extent to which the forest sector modeling community can continue to collaborate, improve data and projections modeling tools, and communicate important findings as well as information gaps with the public and policymakers, may help dictate the degree to which forests ultimately play in reducing global GHG emissions and achieving sustainable development goals.



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