Journal of Marketing Behavior > Vol 2 > Issue 4

Gender Effects on Loyalty: A Replication in an Emerging Market

Falylath Babah Daouda, Wageningen University, The Netherlands, , Paul T. M. Ingenbleek, Wageningen University, The Netherlands, , Hans C. M. Van Trijp, Wageningen University, The Netherlands,
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Falylath Babah Daouda, Paul T. M. Ingenbleek and Hans C. M. Van Trijp (2017), "Gender Effects on Loyalty: A Replication in an Emerging Market", Journal of Marketing Behavior: Vol. 2: No. 4, pp 299-305.

Publication Date: 13 Apr 2017
© 2017 F. Babah Daouda, P. T. M. Ingenbleek, and H. C. M. Van Trijp
Gender-effectLoyaltyEmerging marketsInformal economyCustomer relationship management


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Motivation for the Study 


This paper replicates the gender-effect on object of loyalty found by Melnyk et al. (2009), suggesting that females are more loyal towards individuals and males are more loyal to groups and organizations. Results from Benin (West Africa) support this but find that the results mostly pertain to informal sectors of the economy. Survey results from male respondents also confirm earlier theory, but results show that females are equally loyal to organizations and individuals, suggesting that Beninese women don't distinguish between an organization and its employees.