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Senior Citizens as a Pro-Police Interest Group

Rebecca Goldstein, Assistant Professor, Jurisprudence & Social Policy Program, UC Berkeley School of Law, USA,
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Rebecca Goldstein (2021), "Senior Citizens as a Pro-Police Interest Group", Journal of Political Institutions and Political Economy: Vol. 2: No. 2, pp 303-328.

Publication Date: 10 Jun 2021
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Age, Policy Preferences, and Political Participation 
Data and Methods 
Discussion and Conclusion 


Which groups and individuals influence policy through their political activities? Criminal justice policy, because it is made at the local level, is often excluded from the study of interest group politics. In this paper, I provide evidence that senior citizens operate as a pro-police interest group at the city level. First, I show that senior citizens' attitudes are much more pro-police than their younger counterparts, even within the same race groups. Second, I show that cities with a greater share of residents 65 or older have larger and better-funded police departments, all else equal. These results have important implications for the study of interest groups, racial and ethnic politics, and criminal justice policy.



Journal of Political Institutions and Political Economy, Volume 2, Issue 2 Special Issue - Local Political Economy
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