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Richard A. Easterlin, Economic Historian and Demographer

Stanley Engerman, University of Rochester, USA,
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Stanley Engerman (2017), "Richard A. Easterlin, Economic Historian and Demographer", Review of Behavioral Economics: Vol. 4: No. 4, pp 307-310.

Publication Date: 20 Dec 2017
© 2017 S. Engerman


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Richard A. Easterlin, Economic Historian and Demographer 


In this brief review of Richard Easterlin’s earlier career as an economist, I wish to touch on some of his major works and their findings. I aim to subdivide his work into two fields – the study of economic growth and the understanding of demographic factors.



Review of Behavioral Economics, Volume 4, Issue 4 Special Issue: Honoring Richard A. Easterlin
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