Review of Behavioral Economics > Vol 6 > Issue 4

The effect of social conformity on interpersonal trust

Anna E. Shaleva, American University in Bulgaria, Bulgaria,
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Anna E. Shaleva (2019), "The effect of social conformity on interpersonal trust", Review of Behavioral Economics: Vol. 6: No. 4, pp 387-400.

Publication Date: 29 Nov 2019
© 2019 A. E. Shaleva
JEL Codes: H8P50Z10


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In this article:
1. Introduction 
2. Empirical Analysis 
3. Conclusions 


Social conformity pervades in societies by affecting a wide variety of attitudes and opinions. In this paper, I study whether social conformity affects interpersonal trust attitudes. The empirical approach isolates a variable for common ethnic trust which is a characteristic of the ethnic social community. Under possible social pressure, individual trust attitudes are shaped by the community trust. In other words, social conformity accounts for a significant change in individual’s probability of trust. This effect is causal as evidenced by an IV estimation.