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Empirical Research on Private Equity Funds: A Review of the Past Decade and Future Research Opportunities

Na Dai, School of Business, SUNY at Albany, USA,
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Na Dai (2022), "Empirical Research on Private Equity Funds: A Review of the Past Decade and Future Research Opportunities", Review of Corporate Finance: Vol. 2: No. 3, pp 427-450.

Publication Date: 07 Dec 2022
© 2022 N. Dai
Financial markets,  Financial markets: Financial intermediation,  New business financing,  New business financing: Venture capital and private equity capital
JEL Codes: G24, G32
Private equityventure capitalalternative investmentsentrepreneurial finance


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In this article:
Return and Risk of the PE Funds 
Performance Persistence 
Return Misreporting and Other Agency Problems 
LPs’ Performance 
PEs and ESG 
Alternative Financing 
This Special Issue 


This paper reviews recent research on private equity (PE) funds and related topics in entrepreneurial finance over the past decade. I highlight the topics that include PE performance and risk, financial misreporting to institutional investors, limited partner performance, ESG, and other topics in alternative investments. I explain how the papers in the special issue of the Review of Corporate Finance contribute to these research areas. I provide suggestions for future research.



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