Author Instructions

Initial submission

If you intend to publish, or are in the process of compiling a monograph, edited volume, or textbook that fits within the format and scope of Now Books, we will be pleased to hear from you. In the first instance, send an outline, table of contents and suggested title for the work to the publisher. This will be assessed to determine if the topic fits the scope of our program, and that the authors/editors are capable of producing a manuscript of sufficient quality.

Those that meet the minimum criteria are sent to experts in the field for their evaluation. Reviewers are selected by the Publisher, and reviewers are matched to the proposal according to their expertise. The publisher will assess all the factors associated with publishing the manuscript, including quality, market potential, and topic suitability, before issuing an offer to publish the manuscript.

Style Files

We do not provide style files for publications in Now Books. The book format is 234mm x 156mm (9.21" x 6.14"), using 11pt Adobe Garamond as the basic font. Please ensure that your manuscript adheres to these basic parameters.

Manuscript submission

Once you have received preliminary acceptance, you can submit your full manuscript. Contact your publisher to receive instructions on how to submit the manuscript.


Using the source files which you submit to us, we will typeset your manuscript to camera-ready copy. Book manuscripts go through several rounds of proofing, and books are published in print as well as an E-book.