Using nowOpen


The nowOpen home page lists all the available books in descending order of publication date, the most recent being at the top. There are also drop down menus with links to the available open access book series and any open access journals. Filters are made available throughout the site to help guide the user to useful content.

The nowOpen site uses the same navigation principles as our main site. Each book has it's own description page, containing the bibliographic data. This page also has an interactive table of contents for the book which enables the use to select specific chapters to download, or follow the link to get a synopsis of the chapter. The download buttons for the full PDF are also available as well as a button that you can use to purchase a hard copy of the book.

Available Formats

Each book is published in two formats: as an E-book in pdf and as a printed book. For some titles, we also make an E-book in epub format available. All E-books in nowOpen can be freely downloaded via the download button on the book page. Each chapter can also be downloaded as a separate chapter or as a selection of chapters. Print versions are available for purchase.


You can sign up to receive alerts from the nowOpen home page. You will then receive announcements when new titles are published together with a discount code that will enable you to purchase a print copy at a significantly reduced price, including basic shipping.