Editorial Aims and Scope

Editorial Aims

Science and technology policy covers public and private sector initiatives ranging from resource allocations and priorities in support of science, to efforts to enhance the development of new technologies, to initiatives to bring technologies into use. The units of observation include any and all elements of the technology and innovation ecosystem such as organizations (private or public), state/regional/federal agencies, and national infrastructures.

Annals of Science and Technology Policy is a peer reviewed journal. It seeks to publish 50 – 100 page papers on topics relevant to science and technology policy. Qualitative and quantitative perspectives from all disciplines are welcome.

Editorial Scope

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Literature reviews of technology and innovation policies
  • Historical case studies of technology development and implementation
  • Institutional histories of technology- and innovation-based organizations
  • Analyses of policies attendant to technology development and adoption/diffusion
  • Studies documenting the adoption/diffusion of technologies and subsequent consequences
  • Studies of public/private research partnerships (cross sectional, over time, or case based)
  • Assessments and evaluations of specific technology and innovation policies
  • Analyses of ecosystems associated with the technology and/or innovation development
  • Cross observational (e.g., cross-agency or cross-country) comparisons of technology and innovation policies