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Issues Revisited from Rumelt's (1974) "Strategy, Structure and Economic Performance"

Kathryn Rudie Harrigan, Henry R. Kravis Professor of Business Leadership, Columbia Business School, USA,
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Kathryn Rudie Harrigan (2022), "Issues Revisited from Rumelt's (1974) "Strategy, Structure and Economic Performance"", Strategic Management Review: Vol. 3: No. 2, pp 209-234.

Publication Date: 21 Jul 2022
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Corporate strategy,  Organization and strategy
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Strategy, Structure and Economic Performance 
Perennial Performance Conundrums 


Performance expectations are revisited pertaining to particular corporate strategies that were highlighted by Rumelt (1974). In particular, suggestions regarding expectations about conglomerate enterprises, vertical integration, and mature- or declining-demand businesses are offered in light of additional information about research findings and observed industry phenomena that are at odds with information available when Rumelt's (1974) study of diversification was performed.



Strategic Management Review, Volume 3, Issue 2 Special Issue in Honor of Richard Rumelt
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